The Voltorol Years

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The Voltorol Years

Ahead of the release of the new Half Man Half Biscuit Album, The Voltarol Years, on 25 February, I have set myself the challenge of writing 14 stories based on the 14 song titles on the new album by the time of the release date.

The Voltarol Years | ABCtales

The titles are as follows:

I’m Getting Buried In The Morning
Rogation Sunday’s Here Again!
Awkward Sean
Tess Of The Dormobiles
Grafting Haddock In The George
Big Man Up Front
When I Look At My Baby
Beneath This Broken Headstone
In A Suffolk Ditch
Persian Rug Sale At The URC
Midnight Mass Murder
Token Covid Song
Slipping The Escort
Oblong Of Dreams

Looking forward to them Terrence!


Quite a challenge! I'm eager to know where you'll go with those titles, especially; Grafting Haddock In The George. Good luck.



Thanks Jenny, I'm quite keen to find out what I'll do for some of them as well. Currently two finished, two drafted, four sketched out and six at the will of the gods