YOU (From Pissed to Publication) by Drew Gummerson

I'm very happy to announce that YOU (From Pissed to Publication) by ABCTales' very own Drew Gummerson is out now. You can buy it here:

for the bargain price of £5 with free postage and I can say with 100% certainty that you will really really enjoy it - it's brilliant!

Here's a review by Marandina:

There are certain things everyone is supposed to do at least once in their lifetime or at least that’s what all the self-help publications will tell you. On every single one of these lists is to write a book. Easy, right? Maybe not…

“You:  From Pissed to Publication” is written by Drew Gummerson. For anyone who has read “Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel” then you will already be familiar with the (in this case) titular protagonist pronoun who continues his comedic, hapless escapades in this novella. 

Written in the second person, “You” explores the solitary torture of many a would-be writer whereby “You are writing a book. You worry if you worry if you will be able to write a book. If people will like it. If it will be a bestseller…”

In this outing, the main character is developed further from his dead-end existence as a dishwasher at a flea-pit hotel to his attempt to become an aspiring novelist. This journey takes you to a writing retreat in Corfu (with newly acquired, expensive pen from an airport WH Smith and beret) led by course leader Quentin to sending his first draft to, at first, Richard Brautigan, to eventually meeting up with a big time literary agent after the story makes it to The New Yorker.

In “You” Drew sets out to give a tongue in cheek account of the trials and tribulations of writing and give a dramatised realisation of the writing process and what this may entail for many. The setting is a familiar one with the return of the Birdland Bar and secret man crush, the suave Eusavio and, fleetingly, Deadeye Dave, both from “Seven Nights”. 

There’s a latent admiration for a phalanx of iconic writers running throughout including Brautigan, Charles Bukowski and Franz Kafka and it’s clear that there’s a philosophical undertow of existential angst that counters the bitter sweet shenanigans propelling the main character’s adventures. Moreover, the reader gets a sense of stoical inevitability permeating the outrageous situations the leading man finds himself in.

The author’s predilection for irony is prevalent and as the story progresses, the plot is like a wave rippling against a shoreline that gets bigger and bigger until a tumultuous tidal wave sweeps over the finale at the dénouement. Will our hero finally become someone? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Drew Gummerson’s style of writing is easy on the eye with a lilting rhythm and a keen eye for hilariously Carry Onstyle scenarios. Skilfully written, this is broad-minded fun with a joyously madcap series of adventures that’s laugh out loud funny and yet retains the sense of sadness from its predecessor that dreamers wake with when they realise that it was just another reverie.

Published by indie press – the Bearded Badger - “You” will appeal to older teens and adult readers who like humour laced with endearing satire. It’s short and sweet at 27 pages and is a perfect follow up to the flamingo-themed “Seven Nights” published in 2020.

Drew Gummerson is also the author of “Me and Mickie James” and “The Lodger”. Drew is an editor at


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Excellent review and I'm sure, equally, an excellent book.


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It's a cracking read, Drew. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to get a further fix of Flamingo goodness!


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