Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

Today the weather is an unusual temperature for my part of the world. I’m sure it was meant for a cooler clime but I’m not complaining, quite the opposite. The chill morning woke me up with an energetic burst of awareness and as I brewed the morning coffee, I opened the back door to my yard and was captured, stopped in my tracks, a complacent participant.

The light wind on my arms and face was much better than a coffee for stimulation. I heard the rustling of leaves in the trees and it centered my thoughts on the fact that I’m alive. I saw birds of many colors, red, grey and brown to name a few, darting through the trees and a few twittered happily on branches. Three squirrels were burying acorn treasures from my oak trees in different corners of my yard, and a fat rabbit, cautiously stayed near the entrance to my yard from the back forest, nibbling on untreated weeds, or an odd bit of grass species, that grows unhindered and untrimmed in my yard.

As I watch from my back door, my head is clear of its usual cobwebs; clear of everything that juggles around in there. I'm focused on the complex web of nature all around me.

Life with its sensory input is astounding; I wonder why we don’t just shut down all the electronics, step outside with nothing more than our open eyes, and sleeveless arms, to enjoy what natural bounty we've been given. Sadly, I wonder too, why we don’t protect it?

And with that thought of preservation; I suggest we all breathe in the quiet solitude of a forest, hear the amazing birdsongs that play for free in the air and touch the green leaves of life that wave at us from the trees; those sentinels of time, and pledge our efforts to keep them safe.

So as I stand here, refreshed, sans coffee, happy in this little slice of nature, I'm wishing this kind of moment for everyone, and forever more.

Thanks for listening.  smiley

NOTE: Picture is my own - fat, little, acorn gathering squirrel looking in the back door at us; can't imagine what he was thinking.


Hear! Hear! Penny, some lovely thoughtful words to live by.



sounds wonderful, but you need to see it, type it, and share it on here. 


Enjoyed this very much, thankyou for sharing :0) I could see no squirrel photo though