Smokescreen, by Ewan Lawrie, out now!

Smokescreen, by ABCTales' own Ewan Lawrie has just been published!

Here's what he says:

A while back, I put a chapter or so of the very old Smokescreen on ABCTales. It started out as a Nanowrimo attempt sometime before 2009 (I can't even remember which year, it was so long ago). Anyway, after Nano, I tidied it up a bit and printed it via, as I was living in Spain at the time. It was a first effort at self-pubbing, when it was only just a thing, really. As for, think KDP (Amazon's Publishing Arm) but without any of the market penetration/monopoly.

Well, I've designed a new cover, re-typeset it and given all the chapters titles... And, you've guessed it, it's available now on KDP. Here's the blurb...

Britain in the second decade of the 21st Century. Smoking is banned. Politicians are corrupt, the Police incompetent. Britain has left the EU.

Prohibition: not booze, fags. Ray and Harry get wind of a lorry-load of illegal cigarettes and decide to hi-jack it at the point of delivery. Just outside Parliament, Ray and Harry recognise one of the customers. It's the Home Secretary. What can they do? They're coppers: they nick him, which sets events in motion that risk Ray's family, friends and future.

Smokescreen describes an alternative dystopic present in a thrilling noir style.

The paperback and e-book are available now.

If you're interested here's a link.




Ordered my copy, should have it by May24th; can't wait to read it!smiley


Ordered, just waiting for the mighty river to roll it my way.