Mangosotho Gatsha Buthelezi

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Mangosotho Gatsha Buthelezi

Prince Chief Dr Mangosotho Gatsha Buthelezi passed early morning yesterday 9 September 2023 aged 95, was born on 27 August 1928, descending from a line of great Zulu chiefs he was a traditional leader and head of Inkatha (IFP) for four decades. He did much to preserve royal family pride and traditions.

Prominent in South Africa's transformation to a non-racial democracy, he served as minister of home affairs and has been active in politics since the 1980s.

A controversial figure a man of his time was fearless to speak the truth, always of impeccable integrity and excellent judgement. Chief Buthelezi was a strong leader and statesman, with age comes wisdom was most respected, trusted, admired and loved by all.

Greatly cherished of the Zulu Nation and all our people, Prince Buthelezi was a true gentleman and a father of our beloved country South Africa.

May he rest in peace.


What a lovely eulogy.  RIP great man. 


Yes he was a great man, Buthelezi was boldly Christian too &


Excellent Nolan.... Nicely done & I learned from this..

Even though, from the past, the name was familiar, I did not know/realize what he was & the role - contribution in SA history & society...



Yes Kris! Buthelezi is probably not so well known overseas but in my mind he was in the stature of Tutu, Mandela and De Klerk, and for that matter Mbeki and Ramaphosa.

What struck me most was Buthelezi as a gentleman, he was really a remarkable man and a champion for peace.

See you &&