Mangosotho Gatsha Buthelezi

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Mangosotho Gatsha Buthelezi

Prince Chief Dr Mangosotho Gatsha Buthelezi passed early morning yesterday 9 September 2023 aged 95, was born on 27 August 1928, descending from a line of great Zulu chiefs he was a traditional leader and head of Inkatha (IFP) for four decades. He did much to preserve royal family pride and traditions.

Prominent in South Africa's transformation to a non-racial democracy, he served as minister of home affairs and has been active in politics since the 1980s.

A controversial figure a man of his time was fearless to speak the truth, always of impeccable integrity and excellent judgement. Chief Buthelezi was a strong leader and statesman, with age comes wisdom was most respected, trusted, admired and loved by all.

Greatly cherished of the Zulu Nation and all our people, Prince Buthelezi was a true gentleman and a father of our beloved country South Africa.

May he rest in peace.


What a lovely eulogy.  RIP great man. 


Yes he was a great man, Buthelezi was boldly Christian too &