Happiness is a warm keyboard=I Live to and Love to Write

The air is just that shade of crisp but the sun is out and the day is bright; a perfect day to wake up my senses and my writer’s imagination.

I have my coffee poured but it’s far enough away from my little laptop to avoid conflict and my hands are poised over the keys ready to capture that spark of inspiration. My favorite chair is comfy and in close proximity to the open window so I shiver a little when a cool breeze playfully ruffles the curtains, but I’ve got my fluffy, Snoopy robe on and my warm coffee to ward off the chill.

The caffeine perks me up but inspiration has not yet struck; I’m not disappointed because it’s a peaceful day and I’m willing to wait, unhurried, for those inspired words to flow, just like that cool breeze.

We don’t get many of these cool days here in North Florida so whenever one lands on my doorstep, I’m like a child at Christmas opening their most wanted present. I could lazy away this day watching the birds and squirrels dig, or hunt, for their breakfast. And watching them, makes me decide a piece of toast would go nicely with my coffee.

Toast in hand and smile on face, I settle back into my comfy chair and let the morning drip its lovely seconds on my ‘got nothing better to do’ head and I begin to think the inspiration today is not for writing but for doing nothing. My mind is quiet and my spirit is alive with every chill breeze that flutters by. My spirit journeys backward....

I can remember racing through the park of my childhood with a pack of friends as we chased a wayward Frisbee or climbed a sturdy tree on a day just like this.

I can see us proudly build our kites from kits we’d bought at the corner toy store and we couldn’t wait to see if they were flight worthy; they were. At least until they lost their not so tightly, tied tail or snagged on the line of an adjacent kite and dipped crazily downward into an epic crash.

I remember teenage trips to the city on brisk days like this, walking along Fifth Avenue gawking at the amazing fashions in store windows, but being too young to work and having no means to purchase them we'd use what was in our closets to make a similar, if not as expensive, fashion statement. My friends and I thought we looked great in our cobbled together fashions but pictures from that time may tell you a different, funnier, story. However, I will choose to believe we were fashion plates ahead of our time.

I never stayed inside in brisk winter days, there were too many places of interest to explore outside and inside just felt tragic.

In my twenties, I remember racing down the road in my first car.

The windows are rolled down (no electric windows back then) and the breeze is chill; goose bumps form on my arms but I feel the freedom of the powerful vehicle at my command and I’m smiling at the prospect of all those open roads ahead of me!

Memories are warm companions on this chill day and they inspire me to close the laptop and go outside.

So I’m wishing everyone a happy adventure today with just a touch of cool breezes to awaken creative spirits.

Thanks for listening! smiley





Scotland is cold and wet. We welcome sunshine with pink skin and freckles ready to wrap our arms around it and hug it close. Alleluia!


So true Celticman -  you've the cold weather in Scotland and I've the constant 90-100 degree days in Florida- I hunger for the chill winds - you're wishing for the warming blast of heat...What we need to invent is a weather exchange channel - so I coule send some Florida Sunshine your way and you could send some cold Scottish winds my way. smiley


Of course I have to read this.(Big-Big Smile)!..Just on the Happy Warm Keyboard bit.... #Shazam... and I'm in..... really nice journey there J.... Ahh coffee cup at a safe distance blush mmm... in my world of risk management, taking pride in a check, check, double-check +++ I confess, I haven't mastered the safe distance coffee cup deployment..... (yet)... cheeky (really enjoyed this)....


Hi Kris; thanks for reading this blog; glad you liked my look back, journey--- yes, coffee cup distance has become important to me after I fried my keyboard; luckily, it was repairable..but just barely. Parts for my very old laptop are getting scarce, so I have to be extra, extra cautious. smiley