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Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I visited ABC Tales, a site I used to frequent often. I submitted lots of stories on here and it was a platform to me publishing thirty-two novels. I browsed through some of my old stories and realise just how far I have come. Typos and bad grammar galore. I hope everyone's keeping fine and I want to thank everyone who read my stories and those who commented. I'll keep popping in ABC every now and again and am grateful that such a facility existed when I started out. Cheers, everyone! 

Thirty two novels is some accomplishment - congratulations! It's lovely to see you again hulsey - do keep popping in. Maybe you'd like to come to our next online reading event? All details on the front page of the site


32 novels is some going. Well done. 


Congrats on creating 32 novels, you must be really chuffed. I know what you mean about looking back on your earlier work. I'm exactly the same, and realize what a great place abc tales is for helping to expand vocabulary and ideas.

I wish you all the best in the future.