Greatest ever live performances

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Greatest ever live performances

OK team - inspired by the 80's topic I just had to start this one.

For anyone who has not seen this Mary J Bilge video this is just a jaw dropping, joy giving 6 minutes. Please enjoy

Beautiful- Thanks
Lavadis, great tune I agree, But not my favourite Mary J track. "I'm Goin Down" does it for me.


Stan, your pulling them out of the bag now! If you want a fantastic live performance have a look at this. Stevie Wonder doing Superstition. Funk/Soul at its finest.


Great choices Jolono and Stan. There is one that absolutely kills me every single time I see it. I mean, no matter what kind of music you like, this, as they say, is the bomb.


Agreed, and she's great to look at!


Fine song indeed Andrea althoughthis, I think you will find was as cool as it gets U2wise


Stan that might just be the best video clip of all time


I thought I'd seen some pretty good live performances until one night I stumbled across this and realised I hadn't seen a thing.


I like this version by Bowie Sadly the Amsterdam of yore is long gone...
Ahh Grover, my hero. Sadly missed!


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