The Myth of Writer's Block

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The Myth of Writer's Block

This is a generally unpopular opininon that I've found most people don't share with myself. Yet, as I long to become more engrossed in this community, I figured I could say what I needed to say and gage how many people agree/disagree with me, and that statement is;

Writer's Block doesn't exist!

At least, that's always been the case. Whenever I write, and I feel stumped concerning whatever I'm working on (short story, novella, etc.), I would simply put that story on hold and move onto something else I have in the works. That's always worked for me. I've never been able to sit in front of a keyboard and not be motivated to write something.

As I said, though, a lot of people argue that when Writer's Block hits, they can't write anything to save their lives, no matter the subject, no matter the length.

So my question to you guys is, do you struggle with Writer's Block every now and then? Are there times when literally nothing comes to mind? Or, like me, do you just put that story on pause and work on something else? I'm curious. Thanks in advance for any input!

I don't get writer's block, because I'm not a writer. If I believed I was a writer I would get writer's block. But if a writer believe's s/he has got writer's block, then the write thing to do is write, but that's often wrong. I like myths. They are epic stories that make sense of the confusion of the world. Writing does that too, but only if you believe in it. Writing is a form on stupidity. Perhaps recognition of that doesn't allow some folk to write. I don't mind. It's ok to be stupid. Ok not to be stupid. Ok to indulge yourself and write. Ok to believe that evil gods have stole your genie. I understand all sides. Take sides with all sides against cruel imposters that don't understand. Something always comes to mind. Whether you believe somebody somewhere would want to read it is a form of narcissism.


Ah yes, but writers block is not just about what to write next. It's also about not being enthused to write anything at all. And it does exist. To say otherwise is a little bit arrogant. There is a cure for it. Go away and do something other than writing for as long as it takes for the urge to come back. Could be a day. Could be months. It may never come back - in which case you were never destined to be a writer. But it does exist. Perhaps in other areas it's called burn out.


Of course, all of those suffering from writers block will be staring at this page for hours on end trying unsuccessfully to think of what to write in response


writer's block is like running out of gas. It happens. Part of the problem is thinking you have to have something to say all the time. You don't. So do something different for a while. Unless your job is writing I wouldn't be too concerned.  If you really like to write you'll get back to it eventually. In the meantime do something else. Me? I started playing guitar. I'm no Django, but it gives me pleasure. I wouldn't dwell on the notion of writer's block. If you're creative, you'll come up with something. 


I went on holiday a while ago, and was able to write quite a lot to begin with, enjoying the freedom of having time to write again. towards the end of the holiday I was running out of 'gas', probably because I had already made progress on the subjects I needed to write at that time. I think the urge to write and the imagination will soon return.

there is a theory that writer's block is a mechanism employed to stop us writing shit. the mist will lift when one has something worth writing. i personally like the theory - it works for me. i don't necessarily think it must be true though.


You contradicted yourself from the start, Craig.  If you did not suffer from writer's block, you would never have had to abandon your work and concentrate on anything else in the first place.


Writer's block DOES exist.  It usually happens if you dive too quickly into a story.  Maybe you put too much action in the first page and so there is nothing to write in the second.  What about popstars?  Don't you think that they sometimes run out of ideas for writing songs?