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I was wondering if anyone has heard how Bee is?  She's been on my mind because I've emailed her twice and normally she responds straight away so I am concerned.  I've looked to see if she has posted anything on here but she has not.

Hi there Denzella,


Bee is not too well now. She isn't able to respond to emails or update any more. We are taking good care of her and trying to make her as comfortable as possible. If I have anything to update, I will. I'm just not sure what to say right now. I know she is thinking about all of you. She misses you. You have all meant so much to her, especially over the last year.


I am thinking of you all too. 



The beat of your heart is the mellifluent rhythm to my soul.

Thank-you Holly.  I guessed as much.  Please give her my love and tell her I am thinking of her and I sincerley hope she is not in too  much pain.  She is such a wonderful person  and it grieves me to know how much she has suffered.

Moya xx


Are you one of her daughters then, Holly? It is Bee of whom you have been writing?

I too have been thinking of her. Rhiannon


Yes - I'm the daughter in England. 

The beat of your heart is the mellifluent rhythm to my soul.

I too had been wondering and thinking about Bee. Sad news, all we can do is send her our love.


Please convey my best wishes to her, Holly.

Thanks, Luigi.


I'm so sad and sorry to hear that Bee is not doing well. Please send her my love and I continue to think of her.