Is ABCtales closing?

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Is ABCtales closing?



I heard rumour that ABCtales is closing. Oh noooo.

Is this true? If so when?

Will set about the mammouth task of downloading all my work if so. Stupidly I do not have other copies.


Hopefully no need to download all your stuff just yet Span:





I'm so glad you're not closing, I have starting downloading 'Leggings' to try and sort it out, and was considering taking off the content of it, as well, to make it easier for me to see where I'd got too...   mammoth task as each time I'm on here, I'm not sure where to start from...      so much of it.

unless I can download all of that file altogether?  

maisie angel Guess what?  I'm still alive!

Maisie, I don't think we have that facility - sorry


I hope not.