ABCtales - Good news!

A group of members are forming in order to keep ABCtales going after December 31st - and it's looking good. They are determined to keep the ethos of the site - that it's available to anyone regardless of financial or cultural circumstances, is friendly and supportive and will encourage improvement as much as excellence.

I am very hopeful that ABCtales will continue under their guidance for many years to come.

More news soon!

All the best,

Tony Cook


Tony, this is wonderful news.

Great news -- -- so glad to hear. looking forward to the detail. simon

indeed. I look forward to hearing more details.

Wonderful news!


Great news!




Pleased to hear the encouraging news. I shall eagerly await developments and would like to know the names of the brave members coming to the rescue.


That is the best news possible. Thanks so much to whoever is responsible for this generous takeover.




I agree this is fantastic news. I really hope everything goes to plan.

All the best for the future.




brilliant. hope to find out the details later. 


That is really generous of those concerned, many thanks to all xx


I am really pleased. I've been logging in daily to see if there's any news about the future and I'm delighted to see this today. Thank you very much to all those helpers willing to offer their support.



So glad to hear this...I tell budding writers about ABCtales! xx



Hey, I was going to say that....!  Really was, then I got to the last comment and you've beaten me to it. Um.  Yippy!

Well done, Tony and Co! Delighted to hear it!


Brilliant news. Abctales has to stay.Keep us posted.

I would be so sad to see it disappear....


Wonderful news. I'm afraid that I have been absent from the site for some time, but I have come back and will strive to be a more regular contributer from now on.

I am so glad you have organised a meeting of supporters in December.  I hope ABC not only survives but goes from strength to strength.  It is a wonderful online community.  The support it gives to writers is immeasurable.  Good luck!