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I have 30 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Susannah Greaves

Independent writer and artist. Member of ABCTales (on and off) almost since its inception. 


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Another warrior

Irira, well versed in plant technology, has managed not to be with child, despite her fortnight with the warrior Zamiel, who she misses more than she likes to admit. Then one day the Lord Egfrid from Colunia visits the Audh and presents Irira with a special gift.


The studious Irira has been selected for the honour of spending 15 risings of the moon in the Little Castle with Zamiel the Warrior so that she can bear a child for the all-female Audh clan. They are shy with one another at first but Phelan, Zamiel's faithful canine companion, is quite at home and at last so are they.

Among the Audh

Zamiel and his faithful canine companion Phelan brave the biting wind and rain to arrive at the home of the Audh, an all female clan at the edge of Hibernia.There they are welcomed by the beautiful Sequana who introduces them to Irira who will be Zamiel's companion for the next 15 days.

KODO's Group

KODO’s group “It’s 2216 but it feels more like 2016,” Knit One Drop One (or KODO) sighed as he finger-combed his long black hair. He stared at the...

La Speranza Bay

You didn't know I was dead, and you certainly didn't know I could follow you around and hear everything you said. Neither did Chapman. This might have been our sunny paradise but its dark side was to end our idyll...or was it?


2 of my comments have received 2 Great Feedback votes

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Posted on Wed, 21 May 2014

I love the grace and purity with which you write. The cameos of boyhood activity; the feeling of childhood remembered; the respect, admiration and wonder of the hero figure. I long for more, but he has gone, this ideal teacher, and nothing...

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Better then good

Posted on Sat, 03 May 2014

This is what good writing is all about - it takes you on a mystery ride and shows you things that are quasi-familiar but with a new twist.

Am just off to see if you have any more of this...

Congrats on the gilt cherry BTW...


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