Unordered Tales


shall I wind thee up or down to sleep pour my ecstasy into your vast cup trace your undoing with my finger sleep comes so slow and then so suddenly...

An Atheist Family Christmas

Silent night, I thought. Silent day. Silent life.

Cat antics

A garden groan

In the silence that follows

She is frail, pathetic almost. Her companion seems to exploit her. Is it all it seems?

Uncle Gabor

Postwar Paris was a hotbed of reprisals. Danger lurked everywhere. Good time girl Minty Symes, however, shielded by the comfort of the Hotel George V had little need to worry - until her strange little uncle showed up.

Class warfare, 1916

Jackie and Cedric are both WWI soldiers who have spent their 24-hour leave in Paris. But there is a difference: Cedric is the son of a Marquis and lives in a huge draughty stately home, while Jackie is the son of a railway official. They exchange their experiences of the last 24 hours as they travel back to the Somme.

Pitch Black

Every time Sherry thought about him and his clammy hands inside her clothes she started trembling. But she had no choice.

KODO Seeks Sanctuary

It is 2116 and Knit One Purl One, or KODO, rich beyond all imaginings, travels the planet with his assorted companions looking for fun,. But what do you actually DO when you're so wealthy?

Porphyro's Steed

What happens when you find your husband is having an affair with someone who is your double, but twenty years younger? Sandrine fears Bob's infidelity will mean the end of their Neo-Gothic dream, but what can she do? The answer is hardly normal.

Hoist me up

Terry and Matt do a job most of us would find scary - they clean the windows of London's tallest building, the Shard. They're a cheery couple who enjoy a night out, even if it does make them feel a bit squiffy the next morning.

La Speranza Bay

You didn't know I was dead, and you certainly didn't know I could follow you around and hear everything you said. Neither did Chapman. This might have been our sunny paradise but its dark side was to end our idyll...or was it?

Eyes of an angel

A poem for my daughter

Instant mix

It's Shrove Tuesday, 1956, and we're helping to make pancakes...


The mother cat finally pulled out all the kittens.

KODO's Group

KODO’s group “It’s 2216 but it feels more like 2016,” Knit One Drop One (or KODO) sighed as he finger-combed his long black hair. He stared at the...


The studious Irira has been selected for the honour of spending 15 risings of the moon in the Little Castle with Zamiel the Warrior so that she can bear a child for the all-female Audh clan. They are shy with one another at first but Phelan, Zamiel's faithful canine companion, is quite at home and at last so are they.

Among the Audh

Zamiel and his faithful canine companion Phelan brave the biting wind and rain to arrive at the home of the Audh, an all female clan at the edge of Hibernia.There they are welcomed by the beautiful Sequana who introduces them to Irira who will be Zamiel's companion for the next 15 days.