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I have 30 stories published in one collection on the site.
My stories have been read 30368 times and 24 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Susannah Greaves

Independent writer and artist. Member of ABCTales (on and off) almost since its inception. 


My stories

Hoist me up

Terry and Matt do a job most of us would find scary - they clean the windows of London's tallest building, the Shard. They're a cheery couple who enjoy a night out, even if it does make them feel a bit squiffy the next morning.

Porphyro's Steed

What happens when you find your husband is having an affair with someone who is your double, but twenty years younger? Sandrine fears Bob's infidelity will mean the end of their Neo-Gothic dream, but what can she do? The answer is hardly normal.

KODO Seeks Sanctuary

It is 2116 and Knit One Purl One, or KODO, rich beyond all imaginings, travels the planet with his assorted companions looking for fun,. But what do you actually DO when you're so wealthy?
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Story of the week

Meeting a wolf

A modern fairytale told with a dash of sympathy for our old enemy, the wolf.

Pitch Black

Every time Sherry thought about him and his clammy hands inside her clothes she started trembling. But she had no choice.