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I have 30 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Susannah Greaves

Independent writer and artist. Member of ABCTales (on and off) almost since its inception. 


My stories


Class warfare, 1916

Jackie and Cedric are both WWI soldiers who have spent their 24-hour leave in Paris. But there is a difference: Cedric is the son of a Marquis and lives in a huge draughty stately home, while Jackie is the son of a railway official. They exchange their experiences of the last 24 hours as they travel back to the Somme.
Gold cherry

Families are like fungus

An afternoon with fit, muscular Liam. What could be more romantic? But it seems we're not alone.

Uncle Gabor

Postwar Paris was a hotbed of reprisals. Danger lurked everywhere. Good time girl Minty Symes, however, shielded by the comfort of the Hotel George V had little need to worry - until her strange little uncle showed up.

In the silence that follows

She is frail, pathetic almost. Her companion seems to exploit her. Is it all it seems?

An Atheist Family Christmas

Silent night, I thought. Silent day. Silent life.