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The 2nd of April (8th April 2022)

What do you do with the birthday of one deceased? A life that's ceased Has no punchline nor birthday drinks. If I die, then wish no more sad...

Rum Barrels (7th April 2022)

Barrel-toed flights from saucy nighttime spots of Scoundrels dens where hens and cocks cluck and stagger 'gainst the mist light by candle-dark...

Packham (6th April 2022)

He hates humans for what they have done. Though logic sincere, the proclamation is dumb; How does he think he'll convince anyone If he comes across...

Savage Garden (5th April 2022)

Melifluenza Epidydimi (French) draped, Cravid Suedensis on a spur of Greyzass Tonic'fa - Untrimmed, it spurts for almost the width of the path Then...

Professor Alice Roberts (4th April 2022)

Shall I compare thee to an Archaeologist? Thou art more lovely and more tempting: Rough soils do grate the aching knees from grist, And Summer's dry...


6 of my comments have received 6 Great Feedback votes

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Swashbuckling joy

Posted on Mon, 09 Jul 2018

Thank you for this, it got my inner parrot chirping, 'pieces of Eight!' 

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Posted on Sat, 09 Dec 2017

  • petal, or metal pencil case?
  • A beautiful use of imagery, like the teasing start to a zombie flick
  • fluffy gobs OF sheep's wool
  • I saW you walkin
  • One hand in front OF her
  • Growing loUder
  • ...
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Posted in The Field

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Feedback (& a few typos)

Posted on Tue, 19 Dec 2017

  • Earl Grey
  • let's face it
  • invariably (unless deliberate as part of character's voice)
  • pre-pubescent? - the character comes across as maybe 14/15 to me (esp. if he's a 3rd year)?
  • Parallelled (british)
  • ...
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Posted in Day 1. Cope Muir High

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typo curmudgeon

Posted on Thu, 27 Jul 2017

Hi,  I am insanely jealous of your skill, for which I compensate with petty typo-spotting:

Decent into madness
Manager of Citadel Theatre - consistent with the capitalisation
Within 48 hours, it would all...

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Posted in Ghosts of the Leith Citadel