Los Perdidos

Extracts from a novella about a community of Puerto Rican exiles in the humid heat of the South

Harboring a Criminal

The car shot out the junction on Slint like a pistol slug, cornering just in time to avoid two delivery trucks in convoy delivering tobacco leaves to...


He owns the sidewalk, dominates it with a heat and a piercing gaze that no hooligan, no bandito, no cheeky toddler can surmount.


And they’re there. Loose. Panning for gold by the traffic lights, arms outstretched like they were fifteen years before in front of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Rico's Business

The bus pulled away from the kerb. Rico smiled, confused. He'd waited. The bus drew-up. The driver scratched. No-one got off. Rico spent the two...


A gentle breeze lightened the heat of noon. The tiny hairs on the back of her arms tingled with delight at being outdoors.

The Wheel of Death

There is a period between sleeping and no longer sleeping where your dreams continue and you live in a different state. Nightmare dreams become...

Tremor Cordis

Tremor Cordis