Whiteout Getting Published!

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Whiteout Getting Published!

Hey All,

It was about three years ago on this site that I started posting chapters from Whiteout, a book that I originally wrote in a month for NanoWriMo 2014. Now, a few re-writes, a lot of pitches, and a sea of red pen later, Whiteout is actually going to be published! The publisher, Aberrant Literature is just starting out, and will be publishing two works next year, with Whiteout being an early Q1 release, and a short fiction collection I am featured in to follow. 

We are currently running a GoFundMe campaign, which if you could share the link around would really help expand our audience. Every share is going to help us give this book its best chance at success. If you're not a fan of the whole crowdfunding thing (I wasn't either for a while), check out my website where I've got the first chapter up, fully edited, as it will be when it ships next year. 

I wanted to also thank the community at ABCTales for their support through this process, and also for all the constructive feedback over the years. Really, this website is what got me comfortable sharing my writing, and I owe you all for that!



Big congratulations Mac - well done and good luck with the book. When it's published, email the link and we'll pop it on the front page for you


Thanks very much! Will do. It looks like that will likely be sometime around February.


Ashton, this has made my day. Really pleased for you.


Thanks! I'm pretty sure you've been reading, commenting, and giving feedback on my posts since the beginning. So big thanks :)


What fabulous news, Mac! Congratulations. I hope it sells millions.


wee done mate. good luck with the publishing.