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question- word count


I'm just starting to get back into writing after 5 years and am very nervous about posting again after such a long time. I was just wondering what the advice is about story length. I remember having to split my posts down before but just wondered if there was a recommended word length for each post to make them manageable?


Depending on the word-processor you use you can count the words in your post. Actually it is the number of characters you have the words are an estimation. When you submit a piece Abc tells you the maximum count somewhere I'm not sure where exactly. As a rule of thumb I would say around three or four "standard" pages prose. This in fact is a very good thing.

Welcome back and have good time! Nolan &&



I'd guess around 1500 words, then you'd have to split your post in 2. 


I think we have a 2000 word limit for each post but celticman is right (and he should know!). Also it would depend on the total length of your story - try to spread it out equally - you can post three pieces a day. You could, of course, try a completely different approach at re-entry and have a go at our Inspiration point.

Good luck, and welcome back!