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Access denied

I received the following message: 

Hello luigi_pagano,

griffonner ( has sent you a message

via your contact form ( at


I clicked on the link and got this message

Access Denied

You are not authorized to access this page.

Hi Luigi - I'm so sorry you had this problem. I will see what I can do


Hi Luigi, I've been looking into this and I'm a bit puzzled as to which link you clicked on? I've just had airyfairy send me a test message, and the message itself comes straight into my inbox. There's no need to click on any link to read it


Could it perhaps be a link that he sent you?


My inbox only showed the above links but no message so  I assumed I had to click your contact form

I will send you a test message witha copy to myself and see what happens.

Luigi x


When I click the contact form link on your original message, it takes me to the contact form. How odd! I'll wait for your message


The system does not work  for me I have sent two TEST messages copying myself but so far nothing has arrived in my inbox nor in spam or thrash. Did you receive anything?


Hi Luigi - no I'm afraid I didn't! You sent them to me via the contact form under my username? Hmmm - but you recieved a message from griffoner?


It's getting curiouser and curiouser. I also send a message to griffonner without success. 


I will have a word with Ewan later in the week - he is really good at mystery solving!


A thought occurred to me: it could be that all members are denied access except the editors who have editing privileges and that's why airyfairy was able to communicate with you via the contact form.

Mind you, it's only a thought.


Hi Luigi

Well - after some truly spectacular detective work by Ewan, we have come to the conclusion that the messaging system works with gmail and outlook accounts, but not, unfortunately, with talktalk or yahoo email addresses

I will mention it to our techie, but I think something like this might need to wait for our site rebuild which will depend on funding.

In the meantime you could try opening an email with gmail to use for abctales? You would need to change the email on your account if you decide to go in that direction.

As for the access denied notification you got which sparked the original query, I think it must have been a link which griffoner sent to you which you clicked on - and I can't help you with that!

I hope all that helps - sorry we can't completely solve the problem, but thanks to Ewan we have at least solved the mystery!


I am much obliged to you, Claudine, for your effort in trying to solve the mystery and kudos to Ewan for throwing some light on the subject. I won't be changing my email address for the time being as I have other means to contact some of the members. I never thought much of talk-talk;; very poor service.