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Other Minds on radio 4

If you are interested in octopuses, or evolution, please consider listening to Other Minds, which was a series on radio 4 this week, and is now on the Sounds website :




Reading the blurb about one of the episodes (3) I was struck with how again a cosy look at learning more of an animal community like this suddenly gets switched to assuming macro-evolution ( goo to worm, worm to you ie big changes from one life form to another, not just variation within the kind)

Quotes: ‘the sea is the original home of the mind, at least in its first faint forms.’

‘He looks back 600 million years (!!! - my comment), to reveal the worm-like creature which was the last common ancestor connecting us with the octopus.’

These are such assumptions, but are brought in to make part of a nice story.

see https://www.abctales.com/story/rhiannonw/impossible-move

I've written other verse on the increasing difficulties of accepting such evolution could occur, and there are very many scientists aware of it now, even if some are afraid to say so! Rhiannon


Thanks for highlighting this, Di. I absolutely loved it. Fascinating insight into other intelligences. I'm going to listen to it all over again on Sounds! 

I'm so glad :0) I have listened twice too!