Programme on Sunday 18th June for any Leonard Cohen fans

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Programme on Sunday 18th June for any Leonard Cohen fans

A Film Premiere of Leonard Cohen called I'm Your Man, is on Sky Arts Channel tonight, Sunday 18th June at 9pm. For anyone who is interested in the music of this legend.

It's a documentary about his life, featuring songs performed by a host of other artists at a tribute concert in Sydney in 2005.

For me Leonard Cohen took me through the early 1970s, he inspired me with his lyrics, which for some might have seemed depressing or sad, but for me they were mind blowing, with his deep mellow voice which would take me away somewhere else.


I hope you enjoyed this tribute to the life of a legend. I am also a big fan. I stil listen to his music and like good brandy he only got better with age.

All of the best.


With you Jennifer, his poetry just wonderful. Haven't got  sky so couldn't see the programme. Have to content myself with listening to the records, or cds now, still got the old discs though though.


Watched the Leonard Cohen programme last night. It was really good and told of his life and how he came to write the music. When he was a poet and came together with other famous poets.

If you get the chance, check out Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen singing: Anthem on youtube, it's really goood.

Also a young guy called Antony Hegarty singing: If it be your will.

I also thought Jarvis Cocker sang Cohen perfectly. And there was a joining together at the end of the programme of Leonard singing with U2. All in all it was interesting.

Glad to know there's other fans of his music out there for the legend.

Thank you for taking the time out to let me know.


Thanks Jenny

Just watched some of the artists you mentioned. Lots more to look at. Love the Anthem.


I've never been such a great fan but the background vocals on "I loved you in the morning" are just absolutely divine &&