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Wobbly w/site

There seems to be a substantial update lag without prodding when accessing ABCtales, so much so pushing updates with Fn F5 to get real time feed back: much weirdness?

Hello - I wonder if it's something local to you lenchenelf? I just accessed the site with no problems. not sure what FnF5 is?


Hi, aka "refresh". Perhaps so, I ll turn it off and on again :)


I do hope things are working again for you today? I asked our editors last night and no-one else seemed to have a problem accessing the site. Maybe the wind was blowing the internet around a bit?


Har! wink x



Sometimes the front page can take up to 30 minutes to update. I haven't noticed a problem with anything else mind you.
If it's to do with comments, it might be that a very new member may need approval before they show up, but, obviously, that wouldn't affect anything you posted. Hmm...
Can you say exactly what you were doing?

[Of course, it could have been the weather, or local internet/data infrastructure. Some funny things happen when people are posting from Aus and NZ, again, none of that would apply to you].

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Hi Ewan, yes it was page updates I referred to. I realised that I  had missed some comments made until next logging in and felt a bit uncomfortable in case anyone felt I was ignoring their kind notes!

That's it really :) Thanks for the feedback.