The system formats my writing odd

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The system formats my writing odd


Does anyone know why the system here formats my stuff wrong? I keep getting rather messy stories on here.

Thank you


Hi Justin

Are you pasting from Word, and if so, using the 'paste from Word' function?  I only ask because sometimes I forget and paste direct and it does all sorts of weird things with mine if I do.  

Ah, yes, I forgot about the paste from word, thank you!

Justin Tuijl

Hi Justin. I always copy and paste from Word into Notepad, but I think you're already doing that. I cut rather than copy out of Notepad, which is probably just sorcery. The only other thing is that I use the Chrome browser on here as I don't find MS Edge works as well.

Parson Thru

Ah, yes, I cut from notepad too. Usually that removes any formatting, odd

Justin Tuijl

The goest in the machine. Gremlins.

At risk of sounding paranoid I think it's deliberate.

I think it was Grammarly chrome extension

Justin Tuijl