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John Webber/Barenib

I know John hasn't been on ABC for some years, but some of you may remember him. His ABC work is here -->


It is with great sadness that we at UKA have to inform you of the death of John Webber, UKA member barenib, and personal friend. John was recovering from a first stroke when he suffered a second during the night of 1st/2nd April, and died in his sleep. John,  a brilliant poet and author of several poetry and  travel books, will be sadly missed. A gentler, kinder person you couldn’t hope to meet. RIP John. 

That's terribly sad news. John was a stalwart of ABCtales in the very early days and read at a number of the early events. I have some of his books which are of the highest quality. He was a lovely man with a kind and gentle manner. He is missed.

He will be sadly missed. A gentle, kind person always ready with supportive comments. He was also a fine and prolific writer with several publications of poetry and prose to his name.


Couldn't believe this, Andrea.  I am so very, very sorry. A fine man, and a fine writer.



Thank you, all.

Sorry for late reply, I don't seem to be getting notifications. 

very sorry to hear this, RIP John.


Very sad indeed. I couldn't stop myself crying. I shall try harder now to produce my novels.




Terribly sad news. RIP John.