so how do I put a picture on?

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so how do I put a picture on?

I just panic when faced with technology. I wanted a picture of a log fire or snow.

If you go into 'edit' and then 'choose cover'. Put the file name of the picture into that and then click on 'upload file' Don't forget to make sure the image is copyright free, and that you put a credit if necessary.  If you still have problems, you can email the image to and I'll stick it on for you!


I cant find any open  source pictures of fireplaces.

make sure it's a creative commons licence!


You  are joking. Thats Greek to me. I put free to use or open source into browser and got sites that wanted paying and I couldnt find a fireplace anyway. I dont have a phone with a camera so cannot snap my own fireplace. You expect IT ability and knowledge I just dont have.

I clicked on the link and saw nice fireplaces but have no idea if they can be used.


They can all be used. On Flkr you can make it search for only creative commons pictures. If you see the one you want to use, click on it, then underneath the picture on the right hand side there should be symbols/words indicating if it's free to use, and what conditions apply - eg some of them want to be credited, or linked back to. In that case I copy the link to the photo, put it into (to make the link small) and then I would add it to your work at the foot - picture credit: xxxx. 

On the right hand side of the image there's an arrow with a line under it. If you hover over that, it says 'download image'. Choose the size you want and download it to your computer, then you can rename it to something easy to remember - then just select that when you want to put it onto your poem. I hope that makes sense - if it doesn't, send the link to me and I'll put it on for you


Thanks for taking the trouble but I dont think I will ever bother. It makes my head spin. I still cannot find a normal wretched fireplace with logs that says its free to use.   I may ask my son (who lives several hours away) He has sometimes  used skype to guide me through something because he can see my computer. Once shown I can do it.


Here you are camilla. Free to use, no attribution required:


And then it has to be put on the site in the right size. None of that makes any  sense to me.

Latin would make more sense

I have a friend who visits often who might well be able to do it but I cant translate a written instuction into computer.