An old writer's circle

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An old writer's circle

Before I joined here and another site which I don't know still exists, I was in a writer's circle called Orbit. The circle was led by a lady who lived in Canterbury. I emigrated to the United States in 2005. I was going thru some old correspondence and I recalled this site and checked to see it was still going.

I was very happy to see you have kept all my work, and I have shared the site with my son, who is also a writer in the hope he may care to read some of his Dad's work.



Hi Iceman - nice to see you back! Yes, we still have your work here. I hope your son enjoys it. Perhaps you'll add to it now you've remembered us?


I will certainly try


Some of us old-timers were talking about this site on twitter yesterday. We were first on here 20 years ago, had to come and check it out again. We are in strange times , maybe a few more of us will come back here.

I checked in again, Martin. I've posted a few things in the last couple of years. I wonder if anyone else will show up?

I hope you all come back! Perhaps we can start a virtual bar or something laugh


I'll have a pint, please

smiley cheers Steve!


Hello yous

How's life these days?