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StoryThe Flickering Streetlight little chilli19 years 10 months ago
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Get In Its Way (Part 4)

Shaft loitered under the trees outside Lubna’s lodge smoking a cigarette. He got all the guts to enter the house and call her. “I know who stole your...

Get In Its Way (Part 3)

Capo dropped a bundle of twenty thousand US dollars on Nadal’s desk, “We hire speed transfer too and pay with this money. Some clients booked in...

Get In Its Way (Part 2)

And Syd, the foreman, brought his family and friends on a week-long picnic to Bathala. The work force hadn’t seen their wives for months. It was like...

Get In Its Way (Part 1)

Pamela named after the lady boss claimed the strongest boat in the sea, made of hardwood, watertight and with two diesel engines fairly aged, crossed...

A Dream I Couldn't Hide

When I fall half asleep it takes me there When I wake up in the morning, it never have occurred I could smell pretty roses and taste some...