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My stories

Cool Specs (Part 3)

Valentina Buscar was a talented model in her former glory. She started Las Escondidas Fitness Club in the mid-eighties, sometimes referred to as the...

Cool Specs (Part 2)

Ibañez woke up to find the room empty. She was free of bonds. Still drowsy, pins and needles in her arms and legs, her head spinning and the whole...

Cool Specs (Part 1)

Los Cabos grew a flourishing tourism industry and a range of luxury hotels on the rise. Rocas del Cabo, located on the rocky edges by the seaside run...

Roses Are Wild

If you propose love with a red rose You’ve got to lose something very precious It’s got a wild meaning and often too deceiving You’ve been drawn like...

Home Is Where The Beach Is

I picked a girl from Yogi Bar Waiting for a customer We lodged in a loft at Siggy’s place Sitting by the window glaze Under the lights as midnight...