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StoryThe Flickering Streetlight little chilli19 years 10 months ago
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My stories

All My Troubles

All my troubles, From the book of the angel on my shoulder, Those were sins, My mother couldn’t forgive me forever… Dry your eyes! I’m about to tell...

End Of A Long Road

I remember good old days I walk home from school I saw her pretty face First time in the mall I call her name And she turns to look and smile I haven...

Cool Specs (Part 5)

In the morning, over breakfast, she picked the telephone directory and looked for Dr Mireles’s number. To her surprise his clinic was located on...

Cool Specs (Part 4)

Hikers climbed the top of the mountain and made it in nearly four hours. On their descend one of them caught sight of a body trapped way down below...

Cool Specs (Part 3)

Valentina Buscar was a talented model in her former glory. She started Las Escondidas Fitness Club in the mid-eighties, sometimes referred to as the...