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* Still rummaging through my old diaries. This is another entry I later turned into an article. * A connection broke down somewhere, and a vital message failed to get from his brain to his heart. So it stopped beating. In the midst of life, he literally stopped living.

A Saturday Ramble...

* Another personal diary entry from last summer * The woman was putting across a perfectly reasonable line concerning the health risks associated with passive smoking. Trouble was, she was doing it in a po-faced, finger-wagging, goody-goody-sounding way ' a real prod in the arse to a flinty, no-bloody-nonsense Bradford lad like Hockney.

A Day Out...

* Another of my personal diary entries from last year * After about ten minutes, sirens are heard approaching on the road behind. People begin turning their cars towards either the hard shoulder or the central reservation, creating a clear space in the middle. A police car, followed by an ambulance ' then, a short while later, another ambulance. Obviously very nasty. Could be some time. Nothing to do but wait.

Sad Git at Large...

* This is a personal diary entry I wrote last year and which I later turned into an article. I was prompted to dig it out again by Jude's discussion thread on 'Gentrification'. It's a tad self-indulgent. Definitely in 'old fart' mode here... Give us a break, though - it was a bad time!

21. Moving on...

After much soul-searching, Lemon finally decided he'd lived in his bed-sit above the Pink Pagoda Take-Away for long enough.