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I have 57 stories published in 8 collections on the site.
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20. On the Cusp...

New Year's Eve. Hm.


BERLIN ( Reuters ) - German politicians condemned on Tuesday a decision by a Berlin music hall to cancel performances of "Mary Poppins over concerns they could enrage bankers and pose a financial risk.

19. Somewhere in Between...

It's my fault, of course. Too much booze, too little sleep. And then there was that other little matter of Sherlock's premium-grade blow¦

18. The Night Before The Morning After...

So¦ Christmas Eve at the pub¦ ¦heaving like a blouser's bed-springs on pay-night at a poontang palace in Perth. So many people that you couldn't see the gaps between. Smoke. Booze. Heat. Sweat. Lights. Noise. The craic going at 140 beats-a-minute. Hieronymous Bosch on benzedrine. Beautiful!

The Den

* I wrote this story several years ago for a creative writing class I was doing. It was the first 'long' story I'd ever written (5,000 words). I've never been entirely satisfied with it. I've tried messing around with it on and off over the years - changing the voice and the point of view - but never with the feeling that I'd managed to get it quite 'right'. Anyway, I've just come across it again and thought I'd post it. The only thing I'd add is that ominous line you see so much at the beginnings of films nowadays: 'based on true events'. *