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Unable to think clearly I need to clear my mind, I need to figure out which thoughts are mine. I feel trapped, caged.. so much pain. No sunshine...

I do not know what to call this ... Untitled .. Case of the Ex... will update

Ready for a new start, A new life A new way of thinking Drained far too long, tired, mental anguish Lost so much You took so much from me No thank...


I am changing I am growing Learning how to let go I am moving on I am no longer standing still Waiting on what will never come I am believing I am...


There’s a pattern A cycle A rhythmic wave A dance A moth and a flame I am the moth, not quite beautiful enough Insecurities rampant Self inflicted...


All I see is red, shades of red Bright red, oranges, pinks When I close my eyes All I see is red All I feel is love, it radiates from you Deep inside...