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Bourtree and Broom

Extracts from the kirk-session book of Pitfoglum: June 23, 1691: Because of the scandal of rumouring that the late minister of this parish is not...

The Battle of Nechtansmere, 685 A.D.

One of the most famous battles in Angus was not recognised as taking place in Angus until George Chalmers published his book Caledonia in the early...
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Those Who Cut The Holly Tree

The two men always came to the hospital grounds in the second week of November. They could have been ghosts or hallucinations for all that Callard...

Phantom Drummer of the Ogilvys

One of the most famous hauntings recorded in Angus also involved one of the most ancient families of the area, the Ogilvys who inhabited the castles...

Melgund Castle

Melgund Castle Melgund Castle, near Aberlemno, was for a long time a roofless ruin, but was happily restored in the latter part of the 20th century...