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I sit at my desk And I see from the window That dusk is falling; Falling with the leaves Of the ancient apple tree Coaxed by autumn's breath. Then I...


Rain A breath of it waits duning in dust-bowl calm as the atmosphere in an empty room. The weight of it too much breaks the sky's spongy membrane...

Elizabeth's Lie

She placed the book on the bedside table fondled the navel jutting sharply like an extra nipple from her ripening belly. As the morning cicadas sang...

Sleeping Bounty

Sleeping Bounty What a sweet coma was gifted to me - where dreams as vast and various as the patterns that wind and twist in the fabric draped around...

Before Vegas

Before Vegas I remember when the air was so cold and still that our eyes ran with the smoke from that first pipe and we heard the geckos stir beneath...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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I love how the poem rolls on

Posted on Thu, 25 Sep 2014

I love how the poem rolls on towards a solution - like an equation - but ends up with an image of a crocodile (and its association with nature and what we destroy) and no solution. We end up waiting for the bell instead of trying to work out - as...

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