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Leech of the World, Chapter 5 Intermission

Hello everyone, Charioth here, before continuing to the part 2 of Chapter 5 of Leech of the World I'd like to introduce you to some of this worlds’...

Bright Pain

Working my ass off, the current project manages to advance a little, a highly mobile aircraft. My only real reason for working so hard was to get to...

Leech of the World, Chapter 5: Titans, Part 1:Calm

From Alexandrite’s hall, Azur could see the mobilization going as planned. But everything she could think of now was what this pale enemy could be...

Leech of the World, Chapter 4.2: Rest...?

The Rest of the night went surprisingly joyful, Aqua being her usual self casually flirting with Azur, Mav annoying the very existence of his brother...

Leech of the World, Chapter 4.1: Rest

Atop the tallest cliff facing towards Sea that for some reasons has little grass on it, Azur’s House sat. The Elderly Humans that aided Azur become...