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I have 10 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Song of Courage

Four days after the night that i had that dream about the Pink Haired Girl in front of a city of brigh t neon lights and music that soothed the soul...

Leech of the World, Chapter 3: Future, Part 3: Deals

“(Ha, hell no!)” The younger brother knocked before entering the Hall. “Yea Brey, come in” “( uwah , is always a little weird how she knows every...

Shining Eyes

It was a long day at the office, all i wanted now was to go to sleep, tomorrow was my day off so i could sleep all day long. i sat on my bed and...

The Krygnym of Alexandrite

In Alexandrite, the Krygnym that lived there have lived on a factional society before Azur became the Leader, this is because the former chief of...

Leech of the World, Chapter 3: Family, Part 2: Succesor

“Later, Aqua ~ ” were the words of her beloved as she left the Hall, Aqua was excited. “(What’s lil sis hiding from me?~ I wonder, is Azu finally...