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I have 5 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Leech of the World, Chapter 3: Family, Part 1: Sorry

*Sigh*“N ow to write the letter” the Chieftess sat on front of her desk in the middle of the open hall, it was not usually there, but a recent storm...

Leech of the World, Chapter 2: Questions, Part 2: Youth

“ C 'mon sister, at least don’t just shoo me like that... I guess she is busy...” the younger sister of the Chieftess pouted on her way to the school...

Leech of the World, Chapter 2: Questions, Part 1 - Dragolisk

First part of two that tells us what was Azur's desicion against the Lion

Leech of the World, Chapter 1: Lion

The waters were felt colder than usual, there were fewer fish than usual, Azur, the young Village Chief , is accompanied by 4 of the greatest...

The Krygnym

The “ Krygnym ” are as Terrifying as Wonderful, as a bipedal humanoid creature the “ Kryg s ” have many forms most of them dictated by their color...