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Dining with you

Your tasteless indifference Burns my throat As I swallow your unthought of assurances. A small chaser of apathy On the rocks, And my head freezes...

If I could

If I could I would turn off the tap And my love would Dry up. If I could I would not walk by our special places And examine them for evidence that...
Gold cherry


You rain kisses On me, Until I am saturated In you. And drenched in desire I dance In your stormy eyes. Your love floods Through me, Until I am...

The Decision

Life is punctuated by moments such as these. Cross-roads if you like, where maybes and what-ifs stretch out for miles ahead of you. And you stand...

The Affair

He looks at his watch. She’s late; he rages, she has broken her curfew. In torrents the anger flows through him, Where is she? This just will not do...