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I have 47 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 52713 times and 24 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Kevin Grover

I write a number of different genres, and have four novels published on Amazon. They range from horror to crime thriller. My stories tend to put a new spin on things. My novel, Dead Again, is about a murdered woman returning to life a year later to solve her own murder. 

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My stories


The Lost Path 5

Romance grows in Centre Valley, part four of a longer piece about a community trapped in a valley at the centre of a mysterious maze

The Lost Path 4

Centre Valley is situated at the centre of a mysterious maze. Now strangers have come to them and threatens their entire way of life. Continuing fantasy story...

The Lost Path 3

From out of the great Maze, the Droth Draili come to Centre Valley with a demand. Continuing story about a community surviving at the centre of a giant, mysterious maze

The Lost Path 2

The people of Centre Valley face a change that some believe will bring about death. Continuing a story about a population living for years at the centre of a great mysterious maze.
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The Lost Path

The start of a planned longer piece about a tribe of people trapped for generations at the centre of a great maze and one girl's desire to find the path that leads them out from the maze.