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I have 46 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Kevin Grover

I write a number of different genres, and have four novels published on Amazon. They range from horror to crime thriller. My stories tend to put a new spin on things. My novel, Dead Again, is about a murdered woman returning to life a year later to solve her own murder. 

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My stories


Legless Annie

There's Annie the legless fortune teller. She once tried to run away from the circus with the head clown, so they cut off her legs and put her in a box. They forced her to give fortunes. Whatever she predicted came true. Reckon she's still out back somewhere.

Dead Girl Walking

He fired a bullet into the brain of the nearest zombie and it hit the floor. When a second came down on him, he pulled the trigger. The gun went click…

Road Rage

He remembered hearing stories about this stretch of road. They called it the demon highway. People saw things there, were always thinking they had run someone over. Some even claimed to have picked up ghostly hitchhikers.

Cotton House

The crackling record continued to play and I felt something draw closer. “Bang bang, that awful sound... Bang bang, my baby shot me down...”


You all had your favourite player you’d hope would win. Was I a favourite? Opening my eyes, I looked over at a camera hovering at my face and glowered dangerously, hoping my face would fill a few million screens. My final close up, I thought.


14 of my comments have received 15 Great Feedback votes

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I really like your writing

Posted on Wed, 04 Dec 2013

I really like your writing style. I feels really intimate, like it needs to be read on a raining day on your own. I can't really give any negatives about your writing. The only thing I will point out is to shorten the opening sentence as I had to...

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