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I have 37 stories published in one collection on the site.
My stories have been read 12387 times 3 of my 129 comments have been voted Great Feedback with a total of 3 votes

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chapter 10Joy and sorrow The camaro soledad california

Soledad Marquesa sat shotgun in a vintage black Camaro, revving up the engine. She still had her mother's zany sense of humour and heart shaped face...

Joy and sorrow Chapter 9 Blowout

Karen is arranged immaculately, flaxen hair done up in a classic French twist. A red blazer hangs on her spare frame like a coat rack. Karen once...

Joy and Sorrow Chapter 8 Sitting Shiva

Shiva ( Hebrew : שבעה ‎‎, literally "seven") is the week-long mourning period in Judaism for first-degree relatives: The ritual is referred to as "...

Joy and Sorrow Chapter 7 The Anniversary

Celeste walked at a glacial pace behind her husband. For a man of considerable build, Joel kept up a rapid pace, both in life and his gait. She wore...

Joy and Sorrow chapter 6 Audobon Park

Everett jogged leisurely through Audubon Park. The sky was powder-puff blue with fat clouds that looked as if a lunch lady had plopped mashed...