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I have 37 stories published in one collection on the site.
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My stories

Love thy Neighbour Joy and Sorrow

One the drive home from work. Everett noticed a group of hardy Mennonites rebuilding another home.They appeared to be having a good time too,...

Wet Dreams Joy and Sorrow Chapter 18

Everett found himself jogging down Veteran's Boulevard at breakneck speed.After the sweltering weather of late,he welcomed the rain.He spied Celeste...

Loose ends Joy and Sorrow chapter 17

Celeste stood in the back row.Brow furrowed,arms folded across her chest.She need a cigarette break in order to dispel the pensive feelings in her...

Aftermath (Hurricane Katrina) Joy and Sorrow chapter 16

Celeste shook her head as she looked away from the plasma television.The image of New Orleans played out like a made - for - tv disaster movie.Cue...

Ruby Hearts 2006 Joy and Sorrow Chapter 15

Traffic dawdled along the highway on a dog's day afternoon in august.Trouble brewed for Louisiana and any other state situated along the Delta.A...