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I have 37 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Joy and Sorrow Pretty Little Devils

Karen's drug dealer was Farrah Thrushman, former Orange Bowl Queen and mother of four boys. She was married to Bob Thrushman, assistant coach for the...

Joy and Sorrow Kapow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the weeks following Joel's memorial, a drag queen that owned a pie shop in Valdosta, Georgia surfaced. She went by the moniker " Charity " and...

In memoriam Joy and Sorrow

A memorial was erected on the tenth anniversary of Joel's untimely passing. A grassroots effort by working class citizens,businesses and various...

Wedding Joy and Sorrow

A modest reception takes place on the rooftop of the groom's parents residence. They were lucky their pad was left unscathed by the wrath of...