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Mark Kilburn

Cathedral Swans was published in Call & Response, an anthology of poems celebrating Worcester Cathedral (Black Pear Press 2020)

The Child We Can Never Have was published in Contour magazine, February 2018.

Billy Ulysses... was runner up in Abc's Poem of the Year award, 2014.

Spring was highly commended in the 2012 Larkin-East Riding poetry competition

The Ghost of Milton Friedman... won the 2012 Abc poetry competition

Nicolaus Copernicus... was published in Gold Dust Anthology, 2012

The Poet Laid Bare was published in The Big Issue, 2011

A Tea Box... was a prize-winner in the MIND poetry competition 2010

Leipzig was chosen for the 2005 Midland Arts Centre 'Short Cuts' readings & subsequently published in Gold Dust magazine, 2006


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My stories


That Hamlet Girl

A psychiatrist and a girl named Hamlet.

The Man Who Collected Flies

...was a former civil servant hounded from his desk, mid-career. The house, tucked behind a valley of ivy falling back towards the sea, hand-painted...

Old Adam Goes Shopping For Love

Blue sky bears the weight of heaven for this old, old fool. We break rank like the clouds and lie among reeds. You have come to this place many times...

A Derelict Engineering Factory In South Birmingham

This was my place of work from when I left school a fresh-faced temporary clerk wielding pencil and slide rule wary of the foundry's hot den and its...