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I have 145 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 174894 times and 127 of my stories have been cherry picked.
2 of my 637 comments have been voted Great Feedback with a total of 2 votes

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Been coming to ABC for years now, got some books published, some indie, two through a publisher. Find me here:

My stories


Ch34: Stolen Sept 20th

September 20th I have no idea if Ian is going to come today. My supplies have lasted the extra week thanks to my new ability to fish. But I need him...

Ch33: Stolen Sept 6th-Sept 17th

September 6th As I empty the last of the powdered milk from a bottle I have one of those eureka moments. I hold the bottle up, staring at it, unsure...

Ch32: Stolen Aug 30th part 2

Ian pulls the boat up to the dock and throws me the ropes. I secure them and look up in time to see him jump off the boat, unable to conceal a wide...

Ch 31: Stolen Aug18th-Aug 30th

August 18th The turbine is bothering me. I am certain I saw Ian flip a switch to get the blades turning again. All yesterday I mulled it over,...

Ch30: Stolen Aug 16th part 2

Ian heads back to the cottage and I’m itching to get the coal off the boat. But Ian seems reluctant to go back down and I’ve already pushed him into...