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The Pearl Giver Ch5

I arrived outside Amy’s door at 9am and waited. We’d developed a routine and I didn’t even need to get out the car to knock for her. She emerged,...

The Pearl Giver Ch4

As time went on I learned Amy was the product of an unremarkable short marriage. Her mother, Veronica Platt had an unexceptional pregnancy and...
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The Child

A true story. Photograph by Sergio Maistrello

The Pearl Giver Ch3

On my way home I mused over the oddity that was Amy. When I first saw her, I’d thought she was a teenager and couldn’t figure out why she was on the...

The Pearl Giver Ch2

I ended up cancelling the taxi coming for Amy and taking her home myself. She had me pull up to a terrace in a row on the edge of Birkenhead. Neat...


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Hi Bee, this is the first of

Posted on Mon, 07 Sep 2015

Hi Bee, this is the first of your diary entries that I've read. I'm going through a similar thing myself, so understand what you're going through. You write with clarity and a matter-of-fact attitude that makes this very easy to read.

I am...

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Thank you very much, that's a

Posted on Thu, 15 May 2014

Thank you very much, that's a lovely thing to say! I've actually got two books published by Simon and Schuster in the US and five novels indie published in the UK. :) I like coming back to ABC because it's where it all started. I joined in 2004 (...

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Posted in Ch1: Stolen May 14th part 1