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I have 145 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 217931 times and 127 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Been coming to ABC for years now, got some books published, some indie, two through a publisher. Find me here:

My stories

Ch14: Stolen May 21st part 2

I walk over to the west side of the island and sit by the edge of the cliffs. The sun is about to come up and the entire horizon is streaky with...

Ch13: Stolen May 21st part 1

After days of a heavy exhaustion that makes my nights black and virtually dreamless, I find myself unable to sleep. At nearly two in the morning, I...

Ch12: Stolen May 20th

The night of that barbecue changed everything. My nineteenth birthday was just weeks away, and by my calculations, the night Dad decided to make...

Ch11: Stolen May 19th

I wake up early and walk outside in my pyjamas, my red coat wrapped tight to keep me warm and watch a fat moon set on the horizon. There’s a...

Ch10: Stolen May 18th

I wake late again. Maybe it’s the emotions of getting my past onto paper or the island itself, forcing me into long, healing sleeps. The aga has not...