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Camp Koradel Chapter 6

It was in a state of almost nothingness that Sophie returned to the group of girls. Erin was the only one who even offered a glance; they must have felt awkward about the situation.

Camp Koradel Chapter 5

When the three other pairs came out, they all grinned at Sophie and Erin, and Charley gave them a fist bump while Anna followed with a “Congratulations.”

Camp Koradel Chapter 4

As Sophie and Scott climbed up the Stone wall, Erin whispered, “I’m sorry, guys, but Galvin came back here, looking for Sophie. I had to tell him she went to the bathroom.”

Camp Koradel Chapter 3

They woke up when it was hardly morning; the sun wasn’t up yet, and as she stumbled her way to the bathroom, Sophie tried not to step on any of the grumbling girls.

Camp Koradel Chapter 2

“It’s beautiful!” The log cabin was another story larger than their old, one story, mundane, brick house.


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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"I have no needs, only

Posted on Fri, 13 Jan 2012

"I have no needs, only desire for inner peace (quiet, rest, relief) and you" ~Not sure why but this made me smile Great poem bluejohn, also loved the imagery in these lines: "it’s the birth of beauty in your eyes and soul your soft words, so small...Read full comment

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