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Mark A Lever

Was a member here many years ago, took a break due to illness (recovered now) and hope to be a big part of the ABC community.

My stories

Reflections: Chapter Three.

The News Bulletin Lucasville Correctional Facility The wind wasn’t strong; more of a stiff breeze, but it was enough to play havoc with Alexandra...

Reflections. Chapter Two.

Two The Senator’s Nephew Henry Caine’s sausage-like fingers stuffed a handful of fries into his mouth as he managed the final stair up to his first-...

Reflections. Chapter One Pt. Two

Two more games and twenty minutes later the trio left without further upset. Maria had cleared and wiped-down their table before she got her coat and...

Reflections. Chapter One Pt. One Some may recall this from quite a few years back. A rewrite. And in my real name.

One Frankie’s Diner Adam Carter twisted his wedding ring around and around on his finger as he stood at the foot of two graves in Richmond’s Holy...