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I have 153 stories published in 12 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 171609 times and 20 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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the girl in a book shop looked at me as if she loved me when i bought a history book on a saturday afternoon i thought she might try to trace me via the internet using my card . Later in a teweksbury pub

National novel writing month (chapters 17-23)

Joe had paid someone for the security pass, that was a big security fuck up, that was a story in itself.

National novel writing month (chapters 11-16)

Chapter 11 Two strangers in bed Joe woke first, amazed to find a warm sleeping naked body next to him, he didn't know what do do but felt a familiar stirring in his cock, and nudged the figure of polly with his cock, bringing her around, she turned to face him and kissed him, their morning breath was forgotten by both as their tongues explored eachother's mouths, they grinded against each-other. moved with eachother, Polly expertly found a condom, opened it, and placed in on Joe's cock, without disrupting the moment, she wasn't going to cum this morning, but wanted him inside her, wanted a quick shag, she moved him on top of her, and gasped as he entered her, he had been very quick last night, she expected that, he hadn't had sex for 2 or 3 years, and she didn't care as he had gone down on her and she had orgasmed 3 or 4 times before she guided him into her. She held him tighter as she felt him shudder as he orgasmed, good start to your day she thought to herself. They kissed again, and joe rolled out of her and onto his back

National novel writing month (chapters 9 and 10- unedited)

Chapter 9 Joe's pad. Lance arrived at 7, He couldn't stay long, he needed to sort this out as soon as possible as he was expected at a book launch, some miserable political memoir of a has-been politician, maybe one day he'd be a miserable has-been and be whoring himself out at these events. Joe opened the door, and led him in, Lance realised he'd never been there before, and he was surprised, it was larger than the hovel he expected, seemed to be more than one bedroom, and he had a garden as well, which had flowers in it, and garden furniture. They sat out there as Joe rolled a spliff.

National novel writing month (chapters 7 and 8 - unedited)

Chapter 7 Joe, on the defence. Joe was curious about the favour Lance was asking about, but forgot about it as he entered the office the next day. Peter was pacing around his office as joe sat at his desk and fired up his PC. Peter beckoned